All tax and no play?

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Excerpt/edit of a newspaper article published today :

In effect on thursday May 1st 2003, a new tax of 12 eurocent will be collected for every blank cd-r purchased. The tax had been announced several times but was not yet in effect. This time a fixed date is set in stone : May 1st. This new tax should compensate the authors of copyrighted work for the "copy for personal use" that one is allowed to make.

Aha... this means I now will pay an additional tax to copy an original CD that I bought in a store, and of which the copyright protection prohibits it from playing anywhere I want to use it. For instance on my PC CD-Rom.

Or, put in another way : I pay the author/recordcompany for a crippled product when I buy the original CD, and then pay them once more to make myself an uncrippled product, when I crack the copy protection and write it on a blank CD.

Nice try people, but you can be certain I'm reacting to this.

Update : Letters have gone out to 2 major newspapers and a weekly magazine.

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Ooo, Boyd told me something he heard about those actually crippled CDs in America, the ones which are slightly damaged somehow so are not full CD quality, can't be copied, won't play in a computer and can actually kill your hard drive if played in a i-Mac. The people making them forgot to take into account that many radio stations have computerised playlist thingies (specially the really big stations), and since the CD won't play in a computer they just don't play them *grin*. I think this rocks.

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