A few minutes


past 13h00. The doorbell rings once. I run - avoiding ferrets - to the door, and am able to open and close it before any fuzzies arrive. I pick up the intercom and ask who's at the door. It seems to be the mailman. I already received mail this morning, so I wonder why he's back.

Open front door, take elevator 3 floors down. Meet mailman, accept registered letter after signing for it. Top left corner says "KIESWET". Ouch... doesn't sound too interesting. Ride elevator back to 3rd floor, open front door and go back inside. Clench envelope between teeth while trying to catch five fuzzballs with two hands, and close door. Phew.

I open the letter. Crap!!!! Here's a rough translation :

Dear Sir, Madam,

I'm delighted to tell you that you've been appointed, on sunday may 18th at 08h00 sharp to serve as assistant in voting station number xxx, located at (address)

Please report to the voting station at the above mentioned date at 07h30 at the latest.... (rest is a buch of crap)

Yikes. People, this is NOT a joke, unfortunately. I have to confirm this letter (I wonder why they send it by registered mail?) to the person responsable for voting station xxx - within 48 hours. But, I can do so in a plain envelope without postage being needed. Oh, thanks!

Let me get this straight : They expect me to be somewhere at 07h30, sit there from 08h00 till 15h00, and all of that for € 18,40? That's about € 2.62 an hour... for that amount I don't even leave my sofa or pick up a phone. Get fucking real, will you?

So... I've just studied the legal documents regarding the 2003 elections in Belgium, and it seems there is no easy way of this shit. Maybe I should send the notification back to the responsable in an envelope of a political party? Would that create enough of a discussion regarding my objectivity?

In order to be sure that I don't get called in next time, I've got some things up my sleeve though... school and voting stations are public buildings, hence no smoking is allowed. If any of my "colleagues against my will, and their will too I presume" decides to light one, I point that out to them. They don't comply? Call the cops and have them write a ticket about it.

I think I'll go and party bigtime on the 17th, then go straight from the pub to the voting station. I have to attend, but as far as I can see, it nowhere says in what physical state I have to be in.



Not funny, eikelstein :)


i've been called up twice - both times my (then) husband was abroad. the first time i had 2 five year-olds and a 4 month-old baby and the second time wasn't much better.

so i got let off :-)

Hm... doesn't really help me a lot :) It's pretty hard to suddenly have 2 five year-olds and a 4 month-old baby by may 18th :(

It could be me too, but it will be an experience serving Belgium ;) Greetings from the next assistant counter sitter in spe ;) (I hope this will not be the case!)


Fuck Belgium. I'd rather retire in some large Canadian wood.

now, now. don't forget to vote.
how many parties are there to choose from again ?

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