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Let's presume you have a box, and in that box is a certain something you value very high. However, you don't know *exactly* what it is that is in the box, but deep inside you realize its importance to you.

If you open the box, whatever is inside will vanish, even before you get a look at it, or know what it is.

The question is simple, I guess the answer is not.

Do you open the box?

Note : Don't bring in any "what if's", or ways to peek into the box. This has got nothing to do with physical things, but rather with emotional and mental behaviour. I'm certainly curious to hear your answer!


Certainly not. If you know it's important, you know it's going to vanish when you open the box, and you know you won't even get to see what it was... why in the world would you? You'd be no better off than you were before -- worse, actually because your important thing would be gone.

Cy said exactly what I was thinking. It won't help to open the box so don't. Personally I'd stick it in the garage with all my other crap and leave it. Wait to see what happens.

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