What is next?

I'm off to bed. Just finished watching 13th Ghost, and while it was entertaining, I wouldn't consider it amongst the top of it's class.

Happy is separated from the other ferrets again, as he kept biting the others. I've got a strong suspicion that he's in pain when they are all sleeping in one hammock. He doesn't like his belly to be touched, and I fear that the others sleep on top of him, or walk over him when they move, and that in result he bites.

The last thing I need right now is problems between the five of them, and while the cage is more as big enough to sleep separated, or only two in one hammock, they prefer to sleep together. I'm gonna check with the vet tomorrow to see what we can do about it. Insulinoma should not result in physical pain in a ferrets' stomach, so it might be a combination of things.

If I call tomorrow I'll probably be talking to Elly - who's been on holiday the past week - and even though Joke is a very good vet, who knows a lot about ferrets, Elly remains more experienced.

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