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Yesterday I've helped Joco and Eef a bit in their new place, they could use a hand painting some walls, and since Pieter decided to go bungeejumping off a ladder - with obvious results : 10 days out - I also took care of some lighting, and such. Sure, the fact that Pieter won't be able to do pretty much anything is a set back, but no sweat... we'll fix it all!

I've just returned from the doctor and will be out of the office for at least another week. By the time I'm ready to go back, it will probably not be necessary anymore. The rumour is that David finally filed for bankruptcy, and that a court hearing and descision is expected on monday afternoon.


Ok, I missed here something, I thought your frets were sick and not you...
So, almost without a job, god, well, all I can say is you've got my sympathy and a virtual shoulder to cry on - and I'll keep my fingers AND toes crossed you'll find a new job ver quickly (or maybe start up something of your own...)

Lol... One of the ferrets is indeed still sick, and we don't have a clue just yet what the cause of it is.

I'm not really sick, but am suffering from stress related symptoms like headaches, troubles sleeping, easily irritated, lack of concentration.

Thanks for that virtual shoulder! I just wiped my nose on it, do you mind? :)

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