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What have I been doing today? Good question actually... I've browsed to the books that came in today, entertained the ferrets, picked up all kinds of stuff around the house (much needed too!) and watched the news.

I've been toying around with some of the domains that are for sale ( - - - - - and talked to Steph for a while. I've been taking a look at the current website for Krijo's Tattooing - the studio I usually go - and pondering about doing a redesign for it. It certainly needs proper design, something it totally lacks right now. However, since I'm not in a design mood right now, I just toyed around with some menu structures, general page layout idea and made some sketches. Something I usually don't do :)

I've also updated my curriculum vitae and send out an e-mail regarding a job opening. Tomorrow I'll be contacting some of the union people in order to see if we can get verification about some things, as that would allow me to go full force ahead once more.

I could also take a few weeks off before I get back to work, but I'd rather make sure I have a job first and later on worry about vacation and travelling. I didn't win the lottery yesterday - wow... no real suprise there - so any investement idea's I've had so far will be pushed back quite some time. And with "some time" I mean at least months, if not several years.

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So I was right then! You ARE thinking of moving to a new domain :)

I'm spooky sometimes.

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