This is grand!

I just got a mail from Esther with information that is only slightly important. Apparently we need to take in all things we still have and that belongs to the company. I for instance still am in posession of a key, security system accesscode and a mobile phone. However, all of this needs to be done on friday at the latest. Since today is wednesday, I really wonder when someone was gonna let me know about it.

Sure, I know about it now, but one call hardly call it an official notice of some kind. Besides, I still have costs that I am allowed to declare, need to get a 3Com hub back and some security related documentation that I'd like.

Esther also told me that the curator - whose name I also only know because I asked her about it - expects to get us our C4 documents next week. That would be nice. I'm gonna try and contact him tomorrow and see what exactly we need to do.

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