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Got back from the vet a few hours ago. He's definitely suffering some sort of pain in his stomach, but x-rays (as a verification for those of last wednesday) didn't show anything out of the ordinary. Elly thinks the insulinoma might be slightly irritated or inflamed and prescribed Synulox to fight any infection. If it doesn't get better, she'll have to operate to find out what is the problem.

However, before we move to such a drastic measure, I'll be popping in again on saturday (at 10 o' clock) to sedated him and draw more blood and have the lab run more extensive tests. We hope to find more clues there.

Joco was really really frustrated when he called me, as he has problems getting Command and Conquer Generals to install on his PC. It keeps on aborting with some error "1608 InstallDriver instance" or something like it. He already searched the web and everything tells him to install Microsoft Client for Networks, but that is installed. I'll be going over to his place tomorrow to take a closer look tomorrow evening.

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Having the same problem w/Generals - did you ever find a solution to the 1608 problem?

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