Sunny & good day!

I just got back from getting my first stamp to prove I'm unemployed. Nothing special to report there, I picked up some ferret food - the crappy brand, as I couldn't get anything else - and stopped by at Suzana's place.

Luckily she was home, so the both of us headed of to the community center where she had to get some papers fixed. On the way back the sun was shining - it's been really sunny today - and while crossing the park we decided to have something to drink on the terrace. Do I have to say how much I enjoyed it? Right, I didn't think so, but just to make it clear to those that don't know what I'm talking about : I enjoyed it alot.

Chatted a bit, talked about the current developments in relation to the bankruptcy, and had a good time. On the way back home we made another stop and she took care of some more paperwork and about 3 hours after I left this morning I arrived back home. So far, it's been a good day for me.

I'll be trying to get in contact with the lawyers that are handling claims this afternoon and get some things cleared up. Right now I've been told that we need to bring in all company things tomorrow at the latest. However, without an official notice, I wont be doing anything. Not because I'm stubborn or want to cause trouble, but because that's the only way we can be sure about anything right now.

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