So they die...

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I can't hold back anymore now, as the story about the chopper going down killing the mixed British and American crew (12 people) is all over the media and blogs too.

Do I feel sorry that these people died? Yes, I do... having people die is never a good feeling, but it also makes me wonder. What the hell were they doing there? Didn't the UN - supported by 85% of the rest of the world - say NO WAR?

Oh, sorry... I almost forgot : USA and UK are above UN resolutions, or at least they think so. Hello????? Going to war means you can get killed. Whether it is due to technical malfunction, human error or getting shot. Learn to live with that - I agree, that might not be the best way to put it, but that doesn't matter, does it?

And on a related note : The USA and UK invade Iraq, and after the war expect the UN and most European countries to give financial aid to Iraq to rebuild the country. I like that way of thought, I really do. Maybe Europe should detonate some nukes in the US for testing purposes and then tell the Americans to deal with the fallout and radiation. Hey, why be mad about it? It's not like you don't have enough unpopulated area's and desert. You can handle it, I'm sure of it!

Note : Dreamer, I'm not thinking about moving the blog to another domain, not in the least. I'm sorry to tell you that your dreams were incorrect... I just happen to talk about domains every now and then, but knowing that I've got +30 in .com and .org TLD's and about 7 in the .be ccTLD, that shouldn't suprise anyone.

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