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Yesterday I spend the evening at my sisters' place, we watched Hypercube - the sequel to Cube - and while it was OK, it wasn't as good as the first one. The same plot and ingredients (stick some people in a cube, don't tell them what is going on...) but they added parallel universes and a mastermind genius that is believed to have crafted it all : Alex Trusk.

Well, in the end it seems to be slightly different as to what the subjects had though, and they clearly hint at yet another sequel. I'm gonna watch the original version once more tonight, and then either pop in Pulp Fiction, or 13 Ghosts.

I've been discussing some things online, and we started out with "is intelligence related to modifications and/or open mindedness", "educating the uneducated", and moved to "how economic realities change morality".

I know... not exactly the kind of discussion most people have on sunday afternoons, but I found it highly entertaining, once more.

Did anyone yell "Freak!" ?

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being smart is part nature given and part stimulated by your surrounding (or at least that's my opinion). but yes, i also think having an open-mind helps, it gives you the ability to process events more rationally.
but since I'm not the daila lama or confusius, who cares what i think *lol*

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