Right now all kinds of things - business wise that is - are happening, and I have got no clue what the possible outcome, or extend of some developments will be. We had a meeting this morning with someone of the LBC-NVK union in Hasselt, and that man really knows how to get things done.

Just a few minutes to 19h00 I got a call from him because he needed some background information, and he told me he did a press release concerning our situation in the afternoon, and that it was already picked up by TV Limburg (check their TVL Nieuws Online section, March 19th) and apparently by a radiostation (update : This radiostation is Radio 2, and the entry can be found here) as well.

I was also told that Belga - the belgian pressagency that handles most of the national and international press releases - has picked up on it too, so it might be in quite a few newspapers tomorrow.

Is that good? I can't tell right now, but it does certainly keep the pressure on things. More details and news to be disclosed as it flows in.

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