I got a call from David about an hour ago, in which he told me finally filed for bankruptcy. He wanted to know if there were any personal belongings left in the office, so that he could pick them up. He also wanted us to prepare to bring the car back. A general mail will be send on monday.

After that I headed over to the VDAB site to look around some more and if possible already open a file with them. Of course, they don't work on weekends, so that'll be something I have to check/do on monday. Seeing that it could be helpful, I headed over to Brainbench to revitalise my current certifications and add some new ones. I ended up taking a test in written English, and scored a very nice 3.73 out of 5.

Any score above 4 gives you a Master degree, but I've only been able to get one in some IT test a few years ago. Nevertheless, in the written English test I scored better as 81% of the people that already took it, and my mothertongue ain't even English.


I know exactly what you mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ug, I'm sorry your job is screwed. Hopefully you'll get one much bigger and better and where they pay you and stuffs.

After much much much stuffing around and waiting we finally found out on Friday that Boyd keeps his job. The company was cut literally in half and he actually had to reapply for a position, competeing with his workmates (who are also his friends) but he got chosen to stay.

So now I need to find a PhD at my old Uni and start getting on with my life too (my temp job ends next week). This will be made more difficult by the fact I got a pretty shitty grade on my MSc thesis, a large part of which is thanks to my arsehole supervisor (although it's partly my fault too). I made an official complaint about him last year so hopefully they won't hold it aginst me too much and I can still get a project with funding.

And while I know English isn't your native language, in all the time I've been reading here (which is fucking ages) there has only been about three times I've seen you write a word which seems slightly out of place. 99.7% of the time I'd never notice you aren't a native speaker. I bet you have a cute accent too :-D

Oh my, he does indeed have a cute accent! We have some digi-cam footage of a drunken ServMe saying "Ahm Behljun, Ah kahn't heylp it!" It makes me laugh everytime I watch it. You should hear his impression of a gay owl! He's so cute I want to pinch his cheeks!

Uh? Digicam footage? How come I don't know about it?

Well silly, we're going to use it to black mail you, what else???

No really, that picture of you that Grant took, that I said is my new favorite picture of you, it has video attached to it, and that's what you said as he was taking the picture! It's hilarious!

Ooo, where can I download it? :-D

me too :)

I want my computer to say, "Ahm Behljun, Ah kahn't heylp it!" when it boots up.

ServMe, the masses have spoken! Shall we figure out a way to upload the video on that picture? It would involve one of us talking to Grant, and that could be painful ya know?

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