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I received the brand new CD of Melanie C as a birthday gift from Jess & Johan a few days ago. The album really rocks, although it is 'softer' as her first solo album, "Northern Star", released back in 1999. I've already listened to it a few times on my Hi-Fi system, but when I inserted it in my PC today to listen to it, it popped up some installation routine. What the fuck?

Apparently, the Melanie C - Reason CD is protected by a culprit that goes by the name Cactus Data Shield, aka CDS200. Wait... the company or person that tells me what to do or what to use in order to listen to music that was legally obtained, still needs to be born.

I'm not accepting any extra installation routine, crappy players or anything of the kind. If I buy a new CD, I want to be able to play it where I want. In my case, that's on my computer, as I spend about 75 of my time around them.

So, I went on a search to see if I could crack the protection. Follow me!

First step : What's CDS200 and how does it work? It was created by a Israely company called MidBar Tech Ltd. but aqcuired by Macrovision. Interesting to know, but not really what I need. The coders are not gonna tell me how to crack their shit, are they?

Second step : How do I beat CDS200? A very nice article by the peeps at CDR-Info explains a lot about Cactus Data Shield. Read the complete article here.

Step three : Tools that could come in handy are CloneCD, Feurio! 1.66 and Exact Audio Copy. A first attempt with Feurio gives me only track 1, and fails the rest of the tracks. Damn. Let's fire up CloneCD and see how far we can get with that.

CloneCD has ripped right through the copy protection, and I've got a real audio CD playing now. However, there are audible skips in some of the tracks, so that doesn't seem to be the best solution either. I think I'll have to see what I can do with EAC. In case that doesn't work, I can still revert to IsoBuster.

I'll keep you posted...

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