Paperless Office?

Oh my... I'm so wonderfully happy right now. I don't like not working and getting all the papers filled out is a pain in the ass. I just got back from ABVV (another union) and from this day on, they'll be handling my unemployment benefits.

So, to give everyone an idea who/what is involved right now :

- BBTK will handle all my claims concerning the bankruptcy of my employer
- ABVV will handle the unemployment benefits
- RVA will pay unemployment benefits (takes at least 4 weeks after file is complete)
- VDAB will handle my search for a new job, and additional education

Now, before I can complete the file, I need to get my hands on 2 documents : a document C4, which should be given by my employer, but since he's not longer in charge, by the curator, someone that is not yet appointed. And then I need a document C4.2 that will need to be delivered by BBTK, but since they are moving this week, I can't get a hold of them.

As my sister put it : Everyone thinks it's pretty easy to be unemployed, but as you find out now, it is not.

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