I told you I was gonna keep you posted, wasn't I? Ok.. here it goes :

I just successfully ripped my legit version of Melanie C's new album Reason. Why did I need to rip it? Because on my PC it only played crappy compressed tracks and I spend about 75% of my time around these boxes of evil called computers. And if I want to code and do good things, I need good music. Understand?

So... Macrovision, fuck you - Your state of the art Cactus Data Shield 200 copy protection kept me busy for less than 4 hours - and now I've got an unprotected audio copy. One that I'm even legally entitled to have and make as a backup. Something you tried to prevent. Maybe I should talk to a lawyer and sue you for limiting me in my rights to make a backup?

I'm not gonna explain in detail how I did it, but all info one needs is around. I strongly suggest you read that last post of mine (Piss me off?) and figure it out yourself. It's really not that hard. I didn't know anything about the tools, nor the protection in advance, and I beat it in under 4 hours. I can't wait till they start releasing CD300 ;)

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