More good news - not!

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Since today is practically the last day I've got wheels - not including those on my bike - I tried to do some things that are easier with transportation.

I stopped at Mike & Viv's to say hi, hear how they were doing, and they told me that they are suffering from the same problems as quite a lot of companies are right now : everything is on hold, and whatever they supply needs to be paid in advance, since too many companies go down, pulling others with them.

Wow... I knew it was bad, but I never realized it was that bad! I mean, one reads about bankruptcies and closings and such, but after dealing with it myself, others report it too. Bad sign... very bad sign.

I also tried to pick up some ferret food since the regular store I go to is closed for at least another 2 or 3 weeks due to moving, and I failed. I know of one store where I might find ferret food, but they only had the crappy stuff, and I'm not feeding my ferrets crappy stuff. No way!

Picked up a lot of groceries, mostly heavy things like frying pan oil, water, soap and things, and I'll be getting more tomorrow. Once again... easier to transport it with a car.

Now I'll have to either arrange for someone to pick me up tomorrow or find a way to get from Aartselaar to Deurne. I could call Joco or Eef, as I'm sure they'd do it for me, but I won't. I'm gonna find a way myself. If the weather is fine, I'll throw the bike in the back and ride it back, if not, I'll either hitchhike or take a bus. I've gotta get used to dealing with things like that anyway.

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Could you not get it delivered from the Internet? Sometimes it's cheaper and easier to stock up that way. I've been without a car for months now as some idiot took it out. :)

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