Monday Madness

It's close to noon, and I've done some work already. I like sleeping in, but since it's monday I figured I'd better get up early. Around 08h15 I contacted the VDAB callcenter to get a password for their site. Minutes later I was updating my profile and editing my curriculum vitae.

After I was done with all of that, I browsed for some info about CSS templates and changed the website of X-Com a bit. For now it's just a temporary page reflecting their new location and such, but I'll probably be redesigning the complete site over the coming week(s), as well as get them on a proper hosting plan, which offers more possibilities and reliability.

During the week at least one design meeting is sheduled right now - in order to get a good and detailed overview - but most can be handled by e-mail.

I'm gonna get some food now, check the snail mail and contact the union this afternoon to see what needs to be done. I will officially be unemployed tomorrow, so I figure some papers and forms will need to be completed.

I also have to contact a prospect about some webdesign they want to have done, but I'll do that tonight.

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