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Yesterday - March 10th - the brand new full album of Mel C was released. Yes, that's one of the chicks of the former Spice Girls. If you expect pop tunes like the Spice Girls made, you're gonna be in for a suprise. I haven't listened to the new album yet, but if it's anything like her first one - Northern Star - it'll be more rock than pop.

When I first listened to Northern Star, I sat back, totally impressed. It did take me a while to really get into the songs, but I still play that CD quite often, even though it was released in 1999.


mel your my #1 idle yes you ae your than te first shining star.I'll follow my dreams yes I'll try I want to find you right now but why can't I? Where will you be when i get old, in Liverpool? Who knows.All that I know is I have to find you yes oh yes I do!

-Jordan O'Neill #1 fan
-this is a little song I wrote about her.

I really loved this album and found it deeply meaning full. I havent previously been a mel c fan but recently a friend bought me tickets to see her. With both of Mel C's albums she injects herself into each and every song. I really enjoyed both albums and was enlightned at how good her live vocals were. If u forget all the stigma of what u perceive the artist Mel C to be and be open and receptive to what she has to offer, you'll be shockingly suprised. A definate listen! xxx

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