I feel naked


but I am not. Pretty strange feeling somehow. I just got out of bed, and am thinking about how I'm gonna waste my day. Yesterday I went to Batibouw with Joco & Eef, and there were some interesting things to be seen. The only problem is that all of it is sooo fuckin' expensive, and thus not likely to happen anytime soon.

After the fair we went over to Joco' parents to pick up little Alex, we had a pitta and a lot of fun as well. Dropped in with Eef's parents as well, since Freddy had a bit of trouble with his computer, and we managed to fix it all. With a bit of luck we also scored a new webdesign project, and the extra cash would come in handy.


We're great :)

I wish you could waste your day watching movies with me, drinking vodka and grapefruit juice, and being dorks!

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