Ho�s, woes and tablesoccer

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Mailed my boss last night to see if I had to come in today - seeing as none of us were in yesterday - and I received an answer that it was not necessary. He'll manage he claims... business wise updates should be getting to me during the day, at least, that's what he told me.

Us not being there of course alse gives him the chance to do whatever he has to do, without our prying eyes. Yes, we all are a bit paranoid, but under the circumstances that we've been working, I sure everyone would be. Apart from that, we have reason to be.

Happy is still asleep, and he's been eating his power food, but his regular food remains untouched, nor does he drink enough water. Since the power food is liquid, I'm not too worried about his water intake though. Yesterday evening his paws were red, and I think he might be having a slight fever, but it's hard to confirm it. I offered him banana, apple but he didn't eat any of it, so when I made a new mixture last night, I tossed in a piece of banana, some apple and some of his regular food and they grinded it all down to make a smooth liquid mixture. That way I'm sure he has everything he needs if he eats that.

Tablesoccer game tonight, and it seems everyone is having problems. Joco is suffering with his back, so is Jess, and Michael also said he's not feeling too good. I wasn't really thinking about going, but I'll have to I suppose.

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lap kan ik dan eindelijk een bestelling doen, moet ge nog een creditcard hemme...
zen moar een arm luis zene

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