Happy : Update

I just got off the phone with Joke (my vet) and apparently Happy was doing much better this morning. He's already back on his feet and even ate some food. When he pooped during the night though, it was still very slimey and dark greenish, but she's gonna monitor him during the day and see if it changes no that he's eaten a bit.

When she checked him this morning she feared he might have gone blind, but 2 hours later his vision has cleared up and he seems to be doing good now. She tried getting another bloodsample to check on the blood sugar level, but it wasn't as easy as it was last night when he was sedated.

I'll go over to the practice later tonight to check on him and give her a hand. Then we'll take a larger bloodsample, so that it can be tested for insuline levels in a laboratory as well. As those results come in, we can then decide what the best solution will be.

Phew... Thanks for all the positive energy people! I think it helped him, and me as well!

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