Happy is better, but...


still not doing great. He is back home for now, and even though his blood sugar levels are still low (81) he's better as he was yesterday. We've taken some blood to have the lab do insuline tests on, and we expect results back on friday afternoon at the earliest. The blindness that Joke feared seems to be no problem anymore, but he remains unstable and often has a hard time walking.

If he goes into shock again, I have to feed him sugars as quickly as possible, and to regain strength he has access to a special power food mixture as well. That should allow me to keep him in there for the next few days, at least till we can decide what to do after looking at the lab results.

That combined with a bill for € 87 leaves me no choice but to stay home from work and take care of my ferret(s).


Bout the logo: I must have missed that message! Maybe it got lost in the server move or something. I'm really interested, but I should tell you that I really suck at logos unless it's a drawing of some type and not a letter-logo. If you want a pic of a cute kitten in a frying pan, I can oblidge, but if you're looking for somehting more abstract, it'll blow. :)

As for Happy: Good luck. I know how terrible it is to fear for your 'kids'. It's rough sometimes, but the best you can do is be there.

Eek, poor little ferret! I hope he gets better real soon, or at least that it turns out to be something treatable. Sick pets suck because you can't even really tell them it's going to be alright, although you can certainly comfprt them and make them happier. Having you around will be the best medicine for him (and you). *hug*

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