Good move boss!

I was gonna write something here, but I've been doing some phonecalls and totally forgot about it. Yay for excellent memory!

I talked to Elly today, and she had both good news and bad news. The lab results came back and didn't show anything out of the ordinary. That's the good news, and the bad news at the same time. We're still as close to the finding the problems and a solution as we were 14 days and € 214 ago. She has now contacted another vet that has even more experience with ferrets, to hear her opinion about it. She'll get back to me when she has more info.

See... that was not what I was gonna write. Oh... I think I remember what it was. I was contacted by one of the colleagues today and he had talked to David by phone. David told him that he didn't have the time to send out a mail regarding the status of declaring bakruptcy yet, as "no one is here and I have to handle everything myself. That causes delays". Right... blame us. Good move boss!

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