Sexually? Yes, maybe that too, but that's a completely different story alltogether.

I'm referring to the problem Joco had installing Command and Conquer : Generals on his windows XP system. It runs into an error during the installation, but as far as I can see, it has a problem with the installer itself, not the installation of the game files.

We tried searching for 1608 blah blah InstallDriver instance, but to no real avail. The Microsoft Developers Network had something about errorcodes in the windows installer, but the best info we got there was Unknown Property. Great, that was a real help!

I updated and patched almost every XP related thing I could find (but not the XP Service Pack 1) but none of it solved the error. I removed the Client for Netware - as that was not needed at all - reinstalled the Client for MS Networks, and while I was at it, re-enabled the XP user switching capabilities and such.

After nearly 4 hours, it still wouldn't install. I've got the original CD's with me now to see if it will install in my XP box. If it does, Joco's gonna be pissed, and I'm gonna be even more annoyed for not being able to troubleshoot why it won't install at his place. Oh well... win some, lose some I guess. But still...



i'm becomming depri
but meanwhile, at least one of us can play the game ;)

think positive

Install the client for Microsoft Netwroks. We had the same problem with another program. After installing it worted

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