Fire, walk with me

However, when I was suddenly sitting up straight in bed this morning, it wasn't due to fire. Somebody rang my doorbell twice. I hop out of bed, check the door, nobody there. I check the buildingdoor through the remote, no one answers. I decide to hop into some boxers and a shirt and head down. I even remembered to bring my keys!

Downstairs I open the mailbox and I find two letters and one note from our postman that he offered a piece of registered mail this morning. I step outside and see him walking, about 100 away. I yell to him, but he doesn't hear me. I jump outside and start chasing the postman, on my bare feet, over frozen concrete. Some nice woman is standing on the pavement waitnig for someone or something and as I go by, I tell her it's colder than I imagined. She notices my bare feet and laughs.

I finally catch up, and sign for the pacakage. Then it turns out aditional taxes are due, so I walk back home, postman right behind me, to get money. Today, I've learned two things :

1. Don't walk over frozen concrete at 08h30 in the morning
2. Stop ordering things online. Taxes and shipping costs will triple the price.

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