Ferrets are priceless


Just got back from the vet, as the lab didn't have enough blood to run insuline tests on it. I left around 17h00, arrived at the vets in 55 minutes (whereas it should only be about a 30 minute drive) and then had to wait another 45 minutes before it was my turn.

Of course, that wasn't the end of my luck, nor was it the end of Joke's luck. She had just handled a chicken, and when she took a hold of Happy, he immediately decided that chicken was something tasty and he bit her in the finger. Lol... actually she'd seen it coming so she washed her hands twice before holding Happy... to no avail.

Drawing blood was a pain in the ass, and while I hold him, she was poking the needle around, looking for that tiny vein in his paw. He screamed like we were killing him, which was far from what was happening. After a few tries we gave up and decided to try the other paw. The second I loosened him, he bit me in my thumb, and had no intention to let go. Same result in the other paw, no blood. She told me that it might be a bit clotted up from wednesdays' blooddrawing and that could be the reason for the unsuccesful attempts now.

Anyway, both joke and I ended up having more blood drawn from our fingers as Happy from his paws. Too bad neither of us had to be tested. We decided to put him on medication anyway, and try another test in about a week.

So, back home with a stressed ferret, some medication (I have to pick up the rest at a pharmacist tomorrow) and another bill for € 29. That does not include the medication I got to get tomorrow, nor the bill for the lab tests.

I don't give a damn though... those fuzzies are my kids, and they're priceless!


zeg, venteke, wil ik hier een shirt bestelle om "het goede doel" te steune, lukt me da nie...
*bleit bleit*
zal nog es probere !!!

I'm glad he's doing better even if he's still not great. *pets ferret*

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