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I've just finished cleaning out the ferrets cages, and Happy seems to have enjoyed the night. I had planned on keeping him separated from the others for the rest of the week, but as I let him out of his carrier yesterday evening, he walked around, and in a more or less straight path to the other cage. I figured that I might as well let him sleep there.

If he gets cold again, the bodytemperature of the others might help him stay warm, whereas that is impossible if he sleeps on his own. This morning he seemed more joyful, but still has got no clue what to do with his food. He accepts it every now and then, walks off with, puts it down and then looks like "now what?" and walks elsewhere. His liquid power food is no problem though.

I just finished making a new load, and I added more apple, banana and some ferretone to it. He ate 75% of the bowl I just gave him, and that pleases me. What's less pleasant is that he likes to shake his head - especially if he has a mouth full of food - so that everything goes flying all over the place. Oh, well... :)

I'm off to the pharmacist to pick up Prednisolone, and I already gave him one 0,5 ml shot of Diazoxide... he doesn't seem to like the taste of it though. The mixture of those two medicins should help regulate the level of sugar in his blood.

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