It's close to 2 at night, and as I just installed the newest release (1.3) of Mozilla, I think becoming 30 years of age does not change anything. If you didn't have a life before, you are not guaranteed to have one after. In other words, it is no such things as a gate to something bigger and better. Maybe you can turn it into one if you really want it, but you might be fooling yourself.

(edited in the morning - the above was just a placeholder)
I've always believed that age does not matter, but it's so easy to compare things accomplished in life with others that have reached the age of 30. I sometimes wonder what I have accomplished, and the outcome is either rather positive, or rather negative, my mood swinging back and forth.

The things that have been going on in the past days are either very good, or can turn out bad - that duality in it again. I'm 'celebrating" my birhtday, I'm about to loose my job, my car, a whole lot of money and it's me against the world.

But I've also liberated myself from a situation that had become unmanageable to say the least. I can go on with my life and even if the future is not bright, it is a future, something that I can partially change and create as I see fit. Which is a very good thing, believe me.

I wish this post would be more uplifting and entertaining - after all, it is my birthday - but since I'm not yet fully awake, I don't have much happiness floating around - yet. I'm a positive person to say the least, and have confidence that I will do things I enjoy in the next year(s). I might not be able to do everything I planned for just now, but a delay is just a delay : it should in no way be an end.

On friday I received a happy birthday card from one of my grandma's, on saturday my dad called to ask about the work situation and when I was there I already got my birthday present (Swordfish DVD - yay!) and today I'll be off to my other grandma who called me about 30 minutes ago to wish me a happy birthday. But first I'm off to Joco's new place because they need some help getting some things done.

Talk to you later puppies!

Note : Everyone who is only even slightly interested in art and beautyful things, should head over to Midnight Confessions right now! Heather has released her new art site, and it's rad!


www.elvenwings.com Art site is up!! I'm too excited!!

First of all: Happy Birthday!! (hope you get my card soon) and second: I checked out the art site. It's really great! I love those drawings ^.^


I'm so sorry dude...
It's a shame... me as your best friend who forgets your birthday... this is unbelievable..

but i'll make it good as soon as possibe, promised!

Nadia, the card arrived today, thanks!

Joco, don't be a pain in the ass, I told you I forgive you ;)

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