ZoneAlarm and sticker giveaway


After fucking up the firewall settings myself a few days ago, I had to replace the old wall with ZoneAlarm - praised by many, but for many reasons still despised by me.

After not running ZA for nearly 2 years, I decided to give it another shot, and I installed the latest version of ZoneAlarm... works fine at first, but then I started noticing all kinds of things giving me problems. DNS (name to IP translations) that go all funky (was fixed by opening some extra ports), sites being unreachable or very slow, and then suddenly my mouse just disappeared. Sure, I agree, that might not have anything to do with ZoneAlarm, but you got to admit that it's fishy, not?

I uninstalled ZA, and voila! Mouse is back, runs like a charm, all sites open at top speed, and DNS works as it is supposed to do. I think I'll throw ZA back into the cellar for another 2 years, and in the mean time work with something more reliable, at least for as far as I can tell.

As promised in a post a few days back, and as the first entry for the 13000 unique visits celebration has arrived, I'm posting a link to MindDump, operated and maintained by "dreamer", based in the UK. Dreamer, stickers will be coming your way next week! Lemme know when they arrive...

Yes, entering the 13000 unique celebration giveaway is still possible, but I wouldn't hesitate too long! Read all details about it in this original post.


That's weird. I've been running zone alarm for about five months now and everything is totally fine. But then I only have dial up and the free version of zone alarm (and an ancient computer) so maybe there's just less to go wrong?

I was looking at my friend kitten stickers the other day trying to think of somewhere to put them. I wonder if Boyd will notice one stuck to his car? If we still had the old bumper-sticker covered car with odd patches of primer dotted around I would have put one on straight away. When i go back to uni I'll have a lab book or folder to put one on, but I don't use anything like that at work.

Lol Shelley! Stick a sticker on Boyd ;)

i've been running ZA for couple of years now, official version .... no problems at all...

maybe it's your co,p that's fucked up



btw: i've stick one of the fk stickers on one of our trucks at the company :)

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