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This is going to be a rather technical post. Unless you are up to it, and interested in boring technicalities, I suggest you skip right to the next post. However, I can't promise you'll find that one more interesting.

While at work today, I started thinking about changes that I'll have to implement sooner or later, and I decided to go ahead and run some tests already. I had read a very interesting article in C'T magazine about securing and tunneling protocols by using SSH. Since SSH is *nix based though, I first had to find a windows port that would do the same. Luckily, the CD carried a windows version, but the author of that piece of ported software has quit. Lexa McKenna has taken over and I grabbed the newest release in his download section.

The idea will be to tunnel certain protocols through SSH to secure them, and I'm especially thinking about TightVNC. I've installed TightVNC (grab version 1.28 here) on a few desktops already, and it does what I want it to do. It'll give me the option to support more users and do it faster too. I'd just like to have an option to make sure users don't mess around with the settings and passwords. Well, you can't have it all I suppose.

So... next week I plan to check out SHH tunneling and TighVNC finetuning, on thursday I'll be off to InfoSecurity, and that will be it probably. I'll also be working on some proxy server testing that I have to do - more for myself as it is directly needed for the job - as it will come in handy when expanding the current number of computers with at least 50%. One needs to be prepared.

I might be working on upgrading Movable Type for this weblog, as well as on Alex Blogje during the weekend, so there might be some downtime and things that don't work as they should. Never despair though... I'm on it :)

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