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I just finished watching The Matrix - once more - and I realize that it is a movie that challenges everything we know. It presents us with a thought that might or might not be real. Would we know it?

Final Fantasy actually triggered me to think the same, and it's a process that has never left me since I saw it. What is reality, and how do we perceive it?

Have you seen movies that made ask you the same question? If so, I'd definitely want to hear about it, and if possible watch them myself. It is something that is open for discussion, and a lot of my friends look at me like I'm a weirdo when I present my idea's about things like that. One might believe they are right, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about it. And I don't blame them for doing so.

So... what movie, or experience makes you wonder about life and it's reality? I'm really hoping to find some souls out there that think alike. I refuse to believe that I am the (only) One :)


I really enjoyed a movie called Until The End Of The World. It was really long, and moved a little slowly, but it made me think quite a bit. And besides that, the soundtrack kicked ass.

Yep I had the same feeling when I first saw the Matrix. Me and my friends discussed the possibility of something similar for days. Well, coincidentally they also showed the Truman Show last night, which made me wonder: to what extent are human beings watched? not necessarily on a tv show, but more like the government, commercial companies etc...

Vanilla sky, very good, I love the strange end.

I saw Donnie Darko recently and I loved the duality of the story line: is Donnie just schitzophrenic and seeing hallucinations or did a weird bunnyman really come back from the future. I know a fair buit about this mental illness (I am a physiology geek after all) and it really does fit, yet the other angle is also totally convincing. The movie leaves this question up in the air while still tieing up the story and ending in such a way to feel properly finished (the ending of a movie is very important).

And while I don't believe anything in The Matrix for a minute, I enjoy thinking about and talking about the possible scenarios it brings up. It's a great movie.

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