The sun is shining...


I just returned from the infosecurity fair, and I thought it was hardly interesting. Too bad, it could have been more.

I also picked up two new waterbottles for the ferrets, one as a replacement, and the other one as a spare in case one breaks. The bottles are good, but they can't withstand a dishwasher, or falling on the floor.

The sun is peeking through the clouds, and the temperature outside is very pleasant. I wished I could be sitting in the park with someone, but I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon.

These entries have got nothing to do with eachother, but I guess you noticed that by now. Joco also entered the 13000 hits celebration sticker giveaway, so here's a link to his blog : Alex Blogje. I just wonder what he's gonna do with all those stickers... I don't think the last batch is gone yet!


Sorry I could not attend the fair. I was in Holland today (what a disaster traffic country ! >.< ). At least I was happy to read you enjoyed your stay @ the fair. Untill next time?


i've given them away in the shopping center.. putting a message on the back...

for hire...


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