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What have I done all day long? Good question... I've worked on the photographs a bit, played GTA3 on PC (both kicked ass, and got ass kicked) and reviewed about 16 BME experiences. I've done about 150 in total now, and I try to do a few every day. I picked up stuff around the house, cleaned the ferret cage and entertained them, had something to eat, watched a bit of TV and did two full machines of laundry (which is now drying).

I think I'm gonna play some more GTA3. Oh, and I replied to Eef's mail about Durbuy. So far it looks like it's gonna be the weekend of the 18th of July, but I'll know more after wednesday.

Note to Joco : I'll take a look at that ACDSee addon.
Note to Heather : You could have tested the Rub my Duckie toy if you had send a mail :) If something new comes up for testing, I'll make sure to send you a mail about it!

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