Nationale Loterij : Fuck you

When I wanted to load the site of the national lottery ( tonight, it presented me with a warning that the minimum browser is IE4.0 or NS6.0. Apparently, they used so much special coding that they are unable to support Mozilla 1.2.1 - although it's a fully W3C standards compliant browser. I immediately send them a mail telling them I was less than pleased with it, but I don't even expect an answer.

I was under the impression that in this day and age of technological prospering, one would accommodate the broadest range of browsers possible. Don't come yelling that Mozilla is a niche browser, only used by geeks, nerds and freaks. More and more people are running it, and Netscape is Mozilla based.

It's really not hard at all to write W3C compliant code, if you spend some time testing and planning it in advance. Take a look at this site... full XHTML 1.0 compliant, works like a charm in IE, NS, Mozilla and Opera. If I had other browsers in which I could test it, I would. And I'm not a bug bucks corporation, but just a simple individual with some spare time and a drive to make it all accessible.

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