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Just saw an incoming document, and it seems like at least one person is not pleased with the latest promises. Keep it up! I really really wanna see something happening now, since that obviously is the only way to get something done.

It wouldn't suprise me that if people (read suppliers) start treathening to do certain things, suddenly funds are/become available. However, paying his loyal (stupid?) employees that come in every day, and have not been paid in full since october last year (yeps, that's nearly 4 months!) is impossible.

Yes, I've totally lost it now. I'd go see a doctor, but there are two small problems :

1. There is no money to go see a doctor
2. I think they'd put me away before I really flip out.

Living la vida loca!

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again: he's an asshole who does not deserve to get helped by loyal ppl..........

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