Mohawks and Minigolf

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I returned about 30 minutes ago from Joco's place where we played with little Alex. The original idea was to take him out and go play a game of minigolf, but there were some many people out in the park that we gave up.

So we just had a walk through the park - Alex can walk alone now, but sometimes still trips - and when we were heading back to the car, I put him on my shoulders and he loved it. When we got home, we gave him a fresh made mix of mashed fruits, something he clearly loves, and Joco took some pictures. I hope he'll mail them to me later tonight so that I can add some to this post.

By the time Eef got back home, Alex was rather tired and also sporting a very nice mohawk. It's funny to see what you can do with so little hair and even less gel. And before I get comments about people reporting me to "Gaia for people" : mind your own business. Alex didn't mind it... in fact, he was more interested in grabbing the firmly closed bottle of gel, as he was interested in his hair standing up straight.

Alex eating mashed fruit - Click for 800x600 photograph  Alex with his new Mohawk - Click for 800x600 photograph

1 Comment

pictures are in the mail my friend
alex liked the afternoon, and so did I!

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