Message to the world : FUCK YOU!

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Fuck it all. I've got a headache, am very pissed and generally speaking irritated because of various reasons. Time came to a crawling halt today, and especially the afternoon just kept on being the afternoon.

"He" keeps on being positive, and wants us to prepare a shitload of things. However, prepare them while knowing that there is no money, nor will there be any money tomorrow. I'm in charge of the technical details of setting up a helpdesk - something I've never done, I never even worked on a helpdesk before - and that helpdesk will not be located in one place, but over two geographical locations.

So, it comes down to this : find out out how to run a helpdesk, look into software, manage to install the software, test it, learn it to it's finest details, set up everything needed regarding telecom (phones and such), talk to the people that will perform various tasks on that helpdesk (and related administration) and explain to them what they'll have to do, and make sure they are the right person for the job. When you're done, give me a solution to solve the huge sound problems we currently have in the room destined to become the helpdesk operation room (did anyone say eeeeccchhhhhooooo?), and compare printers to print bills each month.

Here's the data you can work with : nothing
Here's the budget you've got to do testing : 0
Here's when it all has to be operational : 10 working days (7 left now)
Here's the budget you can use to order materials (PC's, software, telecom) : 0
Here's the amount the company still owes you (give or take a bit) : € 5000

Now go an do all these things for me, and be quick and discrete and I almost forgot : positive attitude!

Oh.. I forgot something! I'm sorry, but you can't use the mobile phone anymore for outbound calls... 'coz that's been disabled for the past two weeks. If you wanna call, run down 3 levels (or take the elevator) and call. Then run back up, and continue your job. Are you with me?

Oh, and another thing... if someone calls, I'm not here, I won't accept any calls, and just handle it for me, will you?

And what do I say? FUCK YOU!

Note : The software problem is solved I think, as I've got a very promising package running on my own personal server, but it can be as good as gold, if he's not paying for a server, I'm not installing it. I run the testsite because I can, and because I can use the knowledge. I'm not doing it for him.

1 Comment

That's the way i like you!!!!!!

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