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This is not a hoax, this is not a joke, and it wasn't even for fun. This morning (around 08h45) Stephanie got a call from our boss that she had to lead a meeting (for 25 people) starting at 10h00. When she told me as soon as I came in, I wasn't really suprised. We should have known it that he'd pull such a lame stunt.

Anyway, around 9h30 the first ones started to arrive, and we did a very good job at the meeting. In less than one hour we were able to get all information (well, the little info we have) streamlined and presented in a acceptable way. And the boss? He was sitting in a chair, looking like a cow that sees a train pass by for the first time.

Since the meeting had quite some technical details, I did a large part of it, while Stephanie did the more general parts. Since the meeting was for a bilangual public, we also needed to switch from Dutch to French and back all the time. I agree that it wasn't perfect, but we did well. I bet he wouldn't have suspected it from us - or maybe he just counted on the fact that the dummies would cover his ass, once more.

Eat my heart out, you lazy bastard, if you think you can annoy us with stunts like that, you really don't have a clue, do you?

Oh, after the meeting we had individual sessions planned with the public to set some things straight, get details and brainstorm. He did two groups, and we haven't got a clue what he promised or told them this time. I guess we'll find out some day?

Around 13h00 he had to leave in a rush because he had a dinner meeting with his wife and son, and his brother-in-law came over from tenerife. I guess that's indeed more important as talking to your employees - the same ones that have not been paid in 4 months - or working hard to prevent your company from going bankrupt. He clearly picked the option that was the easiest way out... and again, I'm not suprised.

Oh... I did forget to tell the best part of it all! As he was on his way out, he told Stephanie and I that we could go out and have something to eat as well, if we wanted. Yeah right. No pay for four months equals no money for food, and especially not for going out for something. But that's something you certainly wouldn't understand, would you?

Update : later on during the day he called us and said he was impressed with our presentation. He also said that it almost seemed like he was not needed at all. I had quite a few witty replies up my sleeve, but decided to shut up.

We were allowed to go home early (15h20 or so instead of 17h00) as it was pretty quiet at the office, and because of the good weather... Right. I think the real reason was that he didn't feel like coming into the office for the rest of the afternoon at all.

He did stop by (that's when he called us, as we were in the top-level office), and dropped off the mail, but didn't even bother opening the registered mail. If you wonder why, here's the explenation : registered mail is either from suppliers demanding their money, or from employees demanding the same. And that's something he just can't be bothered with right now.

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If you can, make him give you something in writing saying what a good job you guys did. An office memo or something. This will be a good thing to have on hand for either future job applications (because it's certainly something that will impess prospective employers) or whoever you talk to about not getting paid (because then you can prove you're damn well worth the money and have also been giving your all to the company despite the shit going on). If you can't get something from him then consider finding someone else who was there (one of the audience possibly?) who will say the same thing.

Either way, I'm impessed :-D

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