Lady, you are gonna pay for this!


Just when I was under the impression my day couldn't get any better... I leave the office at 17h00 and when I get to my car, I notice a small piece of paper under the windscreenwiper (is that even a word?).

Sure enough, it reads that someone driving a Citro´┐Żn Xara Picasso with licenseplate DGM?6 has scratched up my car while parking. Luckily, the person who slipped that note under my wiper saw it happening and was nice enough to take notes.

Apparently, he even talked to the lady who drove the car, and she told him that she would leave a note. She did, but when he checked it, it turned out to be a blank piece of paper... very sneaky indeed! That's when he left a note with all the details and his phonenumber.

I immediately called the witness to thank him for all the efforts he went through and that's when he told me he even made a statement about it at the nearest police station. Very cool person indeed. So I've taken some photographs of the damage done, and will head over to police and have a statement taken as well.

By looking at it myself, I think it's gonna cost that lady a whole lot! Last time I had to replace my mirror it amounted to about € 90, so having some panels and a bumper replaced will run into hundreds, if not thousands. Well.. what comes around, goes around I guess. I hope she chokes when she gets the bill.

Here are some shots of the damage done... click the thumbnails to enlarge.

BMW gets damaged, shot 1 (47kb) BMW gets damaged, shot 2 (43kb) BMW gets damaged, shot 3 (40kb)

And I just washed the car yesterday...


What a b*tch!! leaving a blank note! >.< I'd love to see the look on her face when she gets a notice from the police hehehe *sadistic smirk* thank god there are still helpful people on this planet

Holy Crap! She sure did a hell of a job on your car!

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