ISP Woes

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Here we go again... it's been a rather long time since they fucked up this majorly, but Skynet sucks once more! The news server (usenet) has been having problems for the last 2 months, and while it was definitely better the past 2 weeks, we've returned to the "wait-for-a-long-time-and-then-get-a-timeout" post retrieving mechanism.

Webmail only works in 20% of the time, and connecting to the POP3 server to retreive or send mail fails frequently. Apparently they focussed more on upgrading their linespeed to 3.3 Mbit instead of realizing that they also need servers that can handle the load. My advice to everyone right now : avoid skynet!

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I was wonderiung where you were. Give Skynet a kick up the arse from me. And one for your boss while you're at it.

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