Is your site optimized?

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While I could have done more interesting things today - how about coding or setting up a system for photographs, something I should have done a loooong time ago - I got hooked up at Dive into Accessibility and decided to check if there was much I could improve upon.

As I suspected, most of the tips to make a site more accessible for people using text only browers, or those who are blind, colorblind, or navigate by shortcuts rather then a mice, had already been implemented.

I did however add a proper definition of the language (important for Google searches, and for screen reader software like JAWS) used on this blog. I also removed most of the target definitions makes each link open in a new window.

Why, you might wonder? Because I learned that it is very annoying for some disabled people, and as well because it is depreciated in XHTML and it's future versions. I have not yet gone through the complete 30 day list of tips and tricks, and some things will probably not be implemented at all, but I feel like a better person already.

Is your site optimized?

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The opening new windows thing is also a huge pain for people with slow old computers like mine. Opening a new window takes a lot longer to load then reloading into the same one, and I'm perfectly capable of using shift-click when I do need a new window. Sadly the target _new thing is incredibly common in blogland so I'm stuck cursing and waiting every time I decide to try using other people's link list (which to be honest isn't that common due to this exact reason). I know that I can't expect everyone to make execptions for the fact that I have a slow machine and connection, but computers are expensive here and fast connections rare (I literally can't get one to this house even if I had the money), so I'm not some backward computer cripple or something.

But then these bloody popup commenting windows annoy me too.

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