Is this heaven?


While I was watching TV - Tour of Duty - I had opened the ferrets cage and Tisha and Happy came out to play for a while. Bono also jumped out, but jumped back in after about 10 minutes to eat some food and sleep some more. Plush and Max didn't even bother waking up :)

Anyway, while Tisha was still roaming the livingroom, Happy jumped up onto the couch to lay down in his spot : the center seat, on a pillow. He then curls up and takes a nap. I scratched him behind his ears and on his neck and he just enjoyed it so much, that was quite obvious. After about 5 minutes I stopped, and he looked at me and went to sleep right there, next to me. So peaceful and quiet.

I wonder what goes on in those little fuzzball's head : "We live in a gigantic house where a hand lives that feeds us, plays with us and scratches us behind our ears whenever we feel like it. Are we in a place commonly referred to as heaven?"


Ferrets can jump that high? Or do you just have a really short couch? :)

Lol... I've seen ferrets jump over something as high as 70cm, but most can't get that high. Happy jumps onto the side, then uses his paws to pull himself up, and the couch is not that high.

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