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Yes! After quite a while and some serious testing - thanks to Ash and Kat - I've received the first test results on the adult toy of the year 2002 : "I rub my duckie".

I was rather suprised to read the reviews however as they turned out quite different from what I expected... but, I won't spoil anything yet, here are the reviews.

Ash writes the following : I was recently given the generous gift of "I Rub My Duckie", a waterproof, vibrating rubber duck. Try to picture me excitedly cutting open the packaging to free my new-found friend from his confines! What can I say? I was anxious to see what it could do!

To begin with, Duckie isn't exactly rubber. He's more like an inflexible matte finish plastic. I loaded him up with batteries (which were included) and set out to find his "on" switch! It turns out there's a spot on his back that's just flexible enough to push in, and that's how you turn him on and off. Now to see if he would turn ME on...

I examined it for a few minutes, trying to find which part of Duckie had the strongest vibrations, found it to be at the tip of the tail, and set about seeing if
he could do the trick!

"Hmm, not too bad. Damn this thing is hard to get in the right spot. I wonder if ServMe REALLY wants pictures of me trying SO ATTRACTIVELY to jam this thing between my thighs. Boy, that sure would be erotic? It might help if this thing weren't so WIDE. Heh, usually width is a GOOD thing, a VERY GOOD thing.

Heh, heh heh heh, heh heh heh heh heh, heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Dammit, this isn't working, but hey, it feels pretty good on my neck and shoulders? Yeah, I think it's staying there instead."

In conclusion, I'd have to say that "I Rub My Duckie" makes a great conversation piece, and a pleasant shoulder massage, but it's really not suited for more erotic pleasures. And that's unfortunate.

The batteries are now in "Mr. Egg", my best friend. :)

Wow... that sure is not what you expected as a review from a toy that for the Best Sex Toy Award of 2002, is it? Let's hear what Kat has to say about it...

"I Rub My Duckie - A tale of love and hate by Kat Chronister."

Recently, I received the joyous gift of a sexual enhancing device. Sweet rapture! Every woman should receive something so wonderful from their friends!

Upon arrival, the package was gingerly opened and placed on the table in front of me (while my roommate savagely ripped her packaging apart and ran straight to her bedroom). I stared at it for a bit then realized that the only way to find out if this contraption worked was to take it into the 'adult novelty test site' (aka: my bedroom).

Batteries in place, I set out to find the on switch. There was none. As I turned the duck over and about I accidently pressed it's back and it turned on. I screamed and the mood was lost with every giggle that escaped my lips but I was a woman on a mission. I would test this and I would test whether I could orgasm with plastic eyes staring at me - accusing me of doing 'fowl' things with it.


Pressing on (no pun intended), I set out to find the part of the duck that had the most vibration. Hrm...the head wasn't it. The side didn't work so well either. Aha! The tail! Hrm...quite honestly, the vibration wasn't too intense and unfortunately, it was difficult to hold on to. I found myself adjusting and fidgeting and cursing - not a good thing when you're trying to have a good time. I found that as far as orgasmic experiences you'd be more apt to have an orgasm riding your home speakers than with Mr. Duckie.

It's a cute conversation piece and a great massager but as soon as the testing was over, the batteries got put back in my bullet and I was a much happier girl. All in all, I think my Duckie will be better left out of the 'test site' and left on my window sill.

And there it is again!? It surely doesn't seem like this toy does what it should be doing! I'm gonna send both of these honest reviews off to the manufacturer and see if I can get a reply from them. I hope they stand by their product and can shed a light on something the test team has missed?

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I think Kat is HOT. *cough*shifty eyed*cough*

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