I Rub my Duckie, Tony replies...

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I just got a reply from Tony (Big Teaze Toys, manufacturer) to the reviews done by Ash & Kat on the "I rub my Duckie" toy. As promised, I'm posting it right here... Should you want to read the reviews first, this is the way to go, and if you'd like to know how all of this started, look here.

Hi there,

Thank you for the notice, I appreciate you taking the time to review our Duckie. Of course different people are going to like different toys. For some people our Duckie is perfect north of the border, others prefer is south.
Sometimes you just have to find the right way to use them. If you want to try
something fantastic, get your friends with the two ducks to do your neck with
both of them at the same time. Its fantastic.


Well, I think it's great to get a reply like that. I think most manufacturers would have remained silent and just ignored my mail... Not Tony! He replies in a very nice way and admits that everyone might like another toy, and that the Duckie is no exception to it.

Does this mean the Duckie is a bad toy? No, I'd say it is not... It just somehow didn't work for my test team, but it might turn out to be the perfect "pet" for you :)

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You did get someone to test this? Too bad I missed the post on it. I would have been in that test crew.

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