Holy Car Shit!


While I was driving home on friday, I spotted a Mini Cooper S in front of me. At first I thought that the driver was either not aware of the technical specs and possibilities of the car, or that he was very cautious.

It soon turned out that was not the case as he sped away when the light flashed green. While going around 190 (120 mph), I was finally able to keep up with the little car. My Beamie (BMW 320d break) was close to it's max - I believe that should be around 200 - but I think the Mini Cooper S still had more under the hood.

I used to drive a Mini when I was younger, and I still love the car, although it's pretty hard to compare the standard model I drove to this BMW powered Mini Cooper S that I was following. Just to give you an idea of what a Mini Cooper S that I'd like to drive would cost :

Mini Cooper S with Cosmos Black finish, Leather profile Panther Black and a nice set of 5 spoke alloy wheels. Price : € 25.130,00

So... that would mean that in case I had the money, you'd find a Mini Cooper S in my garage, as well as an Audi TT.

Audi TT of my choice :

Audi TT Coup´┐Ż S Line, 225 HP, 6 gearbox. Price : € 46.994,25

That's of course providing the brand new Audi TT Quattro 3.2 is not yet for sale :)


My Mini Cooper S is on order. B.R.Green Pkgs 1 and 2. US$23.300,00.

Your little driving experience have me the willies. I cannot wait for mine now.

I ordered fired chicken 2day and the fast food ppl said it'll b ready in 15min. I said but i want it now!!! :) (jk my dad ordered the chicken)

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