It apparently has kept on snowing throughout the day... not those large flakes, but the tiny ones, making everything outside look blurry and vague. I just headed over to the supermarket and while my intention was to drive off to the somewhat larger one a few miles away, I changed my mind when I stepped outside.

The roads are completely covered in snow, one can't see the markings anymore and a quick look around told me that I would even have a hard time finding the car. I'm pretty bad when it comes to remembering where I parked the car to begin with, so imagine looking for a green one if everything is covered in white snow.

As I was walking over to the supermarket about a quarter mile away, I noticed how the world goes quiet if it snows. Everything changes, looks different, feels different and sounds different. Of course this is not the first time I see and experience snow, but I was still amazed by the transformation.

Would you like to know what it looks like when one sees snow, and is not used to it? Take a look at the photographs of my godson Alex who apparently enjoyed himself a lot today.

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