Front and behind

In about 45 minutes we'll (Steph and I) be off to Eshter to hand her over some paperwork she needs and see how she's doing. I'm really starting to miss her missing her, and it'll be good to see her again.

Yesterday I stopped over as Suzana's place - very nice interior and I'm still convinced the painting on the wall is grey, but she insists it's green - and picked up some paperwork, dropped off her glasses and enjoyed myself a lot.

On friday I'll be off to talk to some people about the next step we can take to resolve the shit "he" got us in. I didn't tell him yet, but I'll let him now in advance that I won't be in on friday morning. Ain't that weird? We get - as Steph has worded it so nicely - fucked in the front and from behind, and we remain professional and polite.

We are kickass dumbasses, lemme tell ya that, mofo! Of course, that is something he does not realize.

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