Final Fantasy / Ultimate Nightmare


It's monday. However, since there is one monday every week, and there are 52 weeks in a year, that is not such a suprising statement. This could very well be the last monday of the company though... Friday the 28th we hope to receive a final descision about the future of our future.

Will the dream end? Or rather, will we wake up and be able to push the nightmare out of our minds? Is this the beginning of the end, or the end ot the end? It could as well be the beginning of the rebirth, but no one can answer that question yet.

The only thing that seems so weird that no precautions are being taken, or at least not in such a visible way. Are we being kept in the dark, or are we being paranoid?

I'm gonna run a small poll. What do you think will happen on the 28th? There are 3 possibilities :

1. It's all over - The End
2. We pull through - The Rebirth
3. Nothing is said or done - Living Dead

If you have an idea or just want to vote, please do so in a comment. Only pick 1 option :)


Let's go for option 2 !! I'll hope we can visit the exhibit too but I am getting no answer from my boss at the moment. So let's put our thumbs up for option 2 and for the exhibition.

Damn... I already received my entrance badge Dimi, and I'm not sure I can get another one in case you decide to go along anyway. Keep me posted, will you?

Boyd is supposed to find out onf Firday who gts made redundant at his company. But they've been saying this shot since last Decemeber so we're not holding our breath. Stupid lawyers and banks, the new owners are hanging around with a cheque ready and waiting but keep being put off again and again by the stupid banks who own the company selling. I'm so hoping I never have to deal with this shit, I'll just find some nice university or research institution to hide in instead I think.

I think option 3 but I hope option 2 but I'm sure it will not be option 1, I just know it, I know him !!!!

3 ore option 4 he's not comming !!!!

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