Columbia & Kyoto

Today the space shuttle Columbia broke up as it re-entered the atmosphere, killing 7 crewmembers. Is that bad? Yes it sure is, but as someone pointed out : those crewmembers did know in advance it (space travel) was dangerous and they knew the risks. Does that make it less painful? It sure does not.

Things like the press release below however, are - if you ask me - a gigantic slap in the face of everyone who works at NASA and the families of the crew :

An administration official said the shuttle's altitude - over 200,000 feet - made it "highly unlikely" that the shuttle fell victim to a terrorist act.

We have no information at this time that indicates that this was a terrorism incident," said Gordon Johndroe, press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. "Obviously, the investigation is just beginning, but that is what we know now.

Get real people... there are other things as international terrorism, the war with Iraq and North Korea working on/with nuclear devices.

If tomorrow someone can prove "God" does not exist, I'm sure some will blame international terrorists for killing "God".

Get real, stay focussed. Instead of dragging the complete international community into something that 75% of the world population opposes, it would be much wiser to tackle some of the problems that cause all of this. If a certain leader keeps on pushing his views and idea's onto others, he's gonna either hit a hard brick wall head first, or get totally isolated.

Remember Kyoto my dear friend, remember Kyoto. If you really think you can solve any problem in the world by yourself, or with the aid of your warmachine, or by just ignoring anyone who doesn't agree, you'll make it hard on yourself, and hard for your country.

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